Welcome to the homepage of the Cutaneous Biology Research Center (CBRC) of the University of Debrecen (UD). Cutaneous Biology Research Center: Integrated innovation-oriented research activities of the University of Debrecen in order to investigate cutaneous biology and pathomechanisms of skin diseases affecting large populations. Total Budget: 433 261 136 HUF - Domestic Resourches: 65 500 136 HUF - European Social Fund Contribution: 367 761 000 HUF Duration: 2 years; start at 01.07.2009., finish at 30.06.2011. CBRC was established in 2009 by research groups from the areas of basic science, clinical science and bioanalytics. The initiative to integrate these labs of UD into a virtual research center was made possible by generous support from the National Development Agency. (grant TAMOP 4.2.2.) CBRC’s application to NDA (acronym DERMINOVA) aimed at 1. setting up an innovative, international research team for the research of skin diseases 2. launching interdisciplinary research programs focusing on 2 major areas: inflammatory skin diseases and skin malignancies. 3. developing of a joint research infrastructure serving research in the field of cutaneous biology and dermatology. This infrastructure should be made available to all members of the scientific community in this field as research services. 4. developing unified protocols for use in cutaneous biology research 5. fostering collaboration between acedemia and industry (biotech and pharma) For further details on the DERMINOVA project, the management, the participating research groups as well as our partner institutions use the main menu options.



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