High-throughput Screening (HTS) Facility / László Virág

Personal data: 

László Virág
M.D., D.Sc.
E-mail: lvirag[at]med.unideb.hu


The HTS facility offers contract research including assay development, and screening of compound libraries for investigators of the University of Debrecen as well as for external partners.



Figure 1. Tecan Freedom EVO150 liquid handling workstation

• Tecan Freedom EVO 150 liquid handling robot with
8 channel pipetting head
(disposable or fix tips, low volume option)
96 channel head
independent robotic arm
pin tool (for compound transfer in nanoliter quantities)
shaker module (2 microplate)
incubator module (6 microplate)


    Figure 2. Pipetting with the 96 channel head

• Plate washer TECAN Power Washer 384
accepts 384 well plates (96 well head to be purchased soon).
• Victor3 V multimode reader with 2 injectors
absorbance, fluorescence intensity, fluorescent polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence
1-1534 well plates, top and bottom reading, incubation
• Cell culture unit (laminar air flow box, CO2 incubator, inverted microscope)
• Access to the Compound Library of the Organic Chemistry Department (http://ret.chem.klte.hu/ret/index.htm )


Biochemical and cell-based assays for the identification of compounds with
• antioxidant
• cytotoxic
• cytoprotective
• enzyme inhibitory


Figure 3. Results of screening for antioxidant compounds in the UD compound library.


László Virág lvirag[at]med.unideb.hu